Knowledge Is (the) New Gangsta. KING Bliss dares to be different during a time in Hip Hop where the beats outshine the emcees.  His raspy voice and adaptable flow skillfully delivers thought-provoking lyrics that force heads to bob, faces to scowl, and mouths to twist.

Despite being born and raised on a tropical island known for its relaxing reggae music and its vibrant dancehall sounds, King Bliss mastered stringing tight rhymes to melodic Hip Hop beats.  His skill as an emcee only grew following his migration to Toronto in 2006, where he was introduced to the city’s celebrated Hip Hop legacy.  

He did not know it at the time, but this move was necessary.  While living in Jamaica King Bliss consistently dominated rap battles and cyphers that took place on public transit and in schoolyards.  However, a fresh, distinct style such as his needed more exposure to the music world.  As he recalls, “I was fresh off the boat with a rhyme book and a glass of what DJ Kool Herc was drinking in the 70s.  All I needed was some dope instrumentals to rhyme over.”    

In 2013 while pursuing his Master’s degree in International Public Policy, King Bliss connected with Bes Kept, a Toronto-based producer from the Hip Hop crew Full Circle.  After wowing the beatmaker with his razor-beneath-the-tongue rhyme style, the two spent countless hours digging into the crates for records that complement King Bliss’ unique sound.  What resulted were soul-stirring loops that fittingly interlock with the emcee’s “eargasmic” lyrics and clever punchlines.

His forth-coming debut album is shaping up to be a collector’s item.  With sheer versatility, King Bliss effortlessly produces social commentary that appeals to the imaginations of listeners by painting vivid images of struggle, redemption and progression.  You can bet your bottom dollar that no taste buds or ear buds can resist the distinct flavour and charisma of King Bliss.